The Best Modded Kiks

You’ve probably heard of Kik, the immensely popular messenger app used by people across the globe. People use Kik for all kinds of reasons – to look for love, to talk with their friends on the other side of the world, and yes, to troll people anonymously on the Internet. Whether you use it to communicate with friends, find a date or to troll people anonymously, most smartphone owners will have used the app by now. One interesting thing about the Kik platform is that people have created a number of modified versions of the program, and you can install those versions on your phone in addition to (or instead of) the “vanilla” Kik app.

(Kik announced on September 24th, 2019 that the app would be shutting down in order to focus the company’s energy on both their cryptocurrency Kin and their ongoing fight with the SEC. The original article continues below.)

To make a modded Kik, some clever coder takes the base app and tweaks it to do something differently. Some allow you to use the messenger in different ways while others enable you to circumvent some of the limitations built into the Kik platform. These mods are unauthorized and are frowned upon by the developers of Kik, but they don’t do anything about them.

What’s the point of a modded Kik?
A modded Kik does one or more things differently than the vanilla app. They might be faster, or have a different interface, or even add features. The most common mods change the look and feel of the app and little else. One thing you should be aware of is that some less well-known modded Kiks contain malware or worse. A good number of Kik APKs have been circulating that contains more than just Kik and the modifications. Proceed with caution!

There is also another side to modded Kiks. In the early days, Kik had a few flaws that either left you exposed or unnecessarily slowed down the experience. Hackers were able to expose your IP address with a simple video link, crash cards could be sent as images or videos which could crash your phone and lag codes could be sent which were URLs that go nowhere, designed only to crash your phone. The majority of hack threats are from angry or frustrated teenagers but there are bound to be real threats out there. Given how much we use our phones and how much personal data we store on it, it makes sense to protect ourselves as much as possible.

Modded Kiks are often programmed to avoid these vulnerabilities. Lag codes for example are coded out of all of these modded kiks while the other vulnerabilities are sidestepped in some or all of the others.

If you’re looking for a modded Kik to star using, here’s our picks for some of the best.

5 Pikek
Pikek seems to be one of the most popular modded Kiks around right now. It not only allows you to make UI changes, it can also modify the profile image, font size and color, background color and image and other tweaks. I also saw a further modded Pikek version that faked the camera in some way but didn’t get a chance to try that one out. By numbers and people who know Pikek, it certainly seems very popular.

4 Nullkik
Nullkik seems mainly a cosmetic mod that allows you to tweak how Kik looks and feels. In our tests, the apps showed a number of changes to the core application, including a variety of backgrounds, UI and font changes and colors that work quite well. As far as I can tell, downloading Nullkik from the source above contains no malware or any nefarious code.

3 Ghostkik
Ghostkik has the coolest name of all these modded Kiks. This is the Kik mod you want if you want a light, streamlined app that uses as little data as possible. The mod creator has tweaked this app to contain as few lines of code as possible and use as little data allowance as possible while still leaving the app workable and comfortably usable.

The legit Ghost Kik works well enough although I have only seen it in action, not tried it on my own phone. There are some hacked versions of this mod that contain malware so if you want to use this version, make sure to download it from a reliable source.

2 Pikik2
Pikik2 is an evolution of Pikik and handles data transfer, lag and offers the fake camera feature. It also offers the ability to block read receipts and disables the ‘is typing’ message that the other party sees during chats. You can also include URLs in chats and disable the forwarding of your messages for a little extra security.

I could not get Pikki2 to work properly so cannot attest to its usefulness. The ability to tweak message settings is a useful one, especially if you have one of those friends who expects instant responses without considering that you might be busy.

1 Matrik3
Matrik3 is another mainly cosmetic Kik mod that also allows you to disable message receipts, disable the downloading of images, disables the ‘is typing’ notification and enables you to use many types of emoticon. There is also a fake camera feature and a neat anti-spam blocker that seems to work most of the time, if not all.

This is another modded Kik that I had trouble getting to work. I think it is me or my phone rather than the mod because a quick canvass of Reddit showed lots of users who had it running fine on their devices.

Other notable modded Kiks include Islamik which is a mainly cosmetic with ant-lag, BHKik which allows the use of multiple accounts at once, Merge is a modified version of BHKik, Bio which is a fork of Pikkik2 and quite a few others. If you want more modded Kiks, this forum post lists a whole bunch of them at the bottom of the page.

As mentioned above, modded Kiks are unofficial and may contain more than you bargained for. Use with caution, download only from reliable sources and watch what the app trues to access and how and what it communicates with. I’m not saying any of these ‘legit’ modded Kiks will do anything, but you have to be careful out there.

Modded Kiks are not endorsed by Kik or by TechJunkie. This article is for information only; you use these mods at your own risk.

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